Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012 from Segur le Chateau

 Happy New Year everyone!

Today’s been a slow day in our household. Our house is in a mess, and we’ve not yet found time to take down the Christmas tree. But after a late night out, most of Sunday was spent in our lounge room with friends drinking tea and reading the papers. We made lists of 2011 highlights (getting married to Kristoph), hilarious moments (a certain incident involving a thieving monkey, a flip flop, and a Balinese temple), and cringe-worthy experiences (which will remain unshared...).  

2011 was a significant year for Kristoph and I. We were lucky enough to invite friends and family from all over the world to Segur le Chateau, and to share with them the way we live. In an effort to immerse them into our French way of life, we asked many of them to climb cherry trees for dessert, and others to forage for wild strawberries and mint to add to Pimms. We sent them off to the daily produce markets in surrounding towns, with instructions to try everything and bring back the tastiest delights they could find, to share with others.

Their enthusiasm for Segur, the cuisine, the life-style, as well as for our wedding celebration was incredibly touching to both Kristoph and I, leaving us with smiles that are yet to fade. This experience inspired me to dedicate more time to this blog, to share with a wider audience the foods we forage and feast on.    

So as we welcome 2012, thanks for your support and encouragement so far. It heartens me to read your comments and receive your emails. This January, I’m looking forward to foraging for chickweed, velvet shanks, and oyster mushrooms.  

I’m also looking forward to eating a little cleaner than in December. You may have noticed the dominance of Christmas treats in December, with spiced Xmas bark, pine nut and rosemary brittle, and mince pies all featuring. While most of these goodies were given away as gifts, and served at parties, both Kristoph and I have certainly enjoyed a sufficiency of festive season over-indulgence. In January I’ll be bringing you more cleansing dishes, interspersed with treats.

Please feel free to send me a note with comments, or requests. Wishing you a fabulous 2012, with your plates filled with fabulous seasonal food, foraged finds, and plenaty of time for idle pursuits!


Suzi said...

Promise to make time to read your blog more regularly in 2012. I know it's only the 2nd of the year, but I am organised and on top of things. Good start to the year. Love Suzi

Melanie said...

Hi Suzi! Happy New Year! Thanks so much for reading, I really look forward to your comments. Blogging was a new project for me in 2011, and I'm keen to make it bigger and better in 2012! xx

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