Friday, 9 March 2012

Quick Mustard and Chevre Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Today one of those perfect mornings dawned in Ségur le Château. I awoke to the sound of birdsong in my ears. With my eyes still closed, their happy melodies made me wonder, if perhaps they were chirping at the sun. Opening my eyes, I saw a bright blue sky and the sunshine illuminating the roof tops and chimney stacks outside my window, bathing everything in perfect, bright light.

Before breakfast I strolled around the village, armed with my camera, admiring the power of sunshine and a bright blue sky to transform the grey stone. The sunshine shed new light on old architectural details, encouraged tiny snowdrops to emerge from the leaf litter, and seems to have polished our little river, l’Auvezere, so that it sparkled like a jewel.   

I’m in Ségur alone this week, with Kristoph busy with projects in London. Cooking meals for one isn’t my favourite pass-time. I thrive on interaction, feedback and conversation. I love to cook for others and share meals. When I’m alone I tend to opt for very simple dishes. I also revert to all sorts of bad habits, skipping a few meals here and there. My inner rebel (without a cause or applause) rears her head, and I eat snacks instead of meals. Strangely our household yoghurt consumption also doubles when I’m here alone. Correlation doesn’t necessarily equate to causation, but I do wonder what that is about...

But I’m attempting to change those old habits, and consume decent, nutritious meals, even as a party of one. Last night’s mustard scrambled eggs were a surprise success. One of those meals I threw together off the back of quick thought that I needed to eat some protein. I chopped some lovely green onions from the epicierie around the corner, whisked up my eggs, dropped in a dollop of wholegrain mustard, and some fromage frais. Et voila, the result was a very tasty scrambled egg dish. So tasty, I made it again for brunch this morning and thought I’d share it. The recipe is below, but first, here are a couple of pictures I took on my morning walk.          

(Serves one, scale up as needed)
Two Green onions finely chopped
1 tea spoon whole grain mustard
2 free range eggs
Dash of milk
1 tablespoon fromage frais
Toast, to serve

Step One: In a pan, fry off the onions. 

Step Two: While the onoins are frying whisk the eggs, milk and mustard. Then add the fromage frais. Whisk again, but allow the fromage frais to stay in lumps. 

Step Three: Add  the egg mix to the onoins and scramble. Serve with toast. 


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