Monday, 28 November 2011

To the Lighthouse – for BBQ snapper

I recently returned home to Australia for the wedding of two very lovely friends. The ceremony was under a huge tree in a botanical garden, and the reception overlooking Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda.  

After a fabulous dinner at The Aylesbury, with ricotta nudie that was so good it brought a tear to my eye, I headed to the coast, to catch up with more family and friends. 

When I was home earlier in the year, some friends and I baked a snapped on the BBQ, and it was incredibly succulent. As soon as I mentioned to my brother that I was planning on barbequing a snapper for friends at their holiday house in Airey’s Inlet, he offered up a fish he’d caught over the weekend. A sizable six pound fish! He also volunteered to come to dinner to help eat it – as there was far too much for the three of us. 

The fish was delicious although the BBQ was perhaps a little hot and singed the outside a little more than I would have liked. Next time, I’d cook if for longer on a lower heat.

Airey’s Inlet is also gorgeous. A tiny town on the Great Ocean Road, with giant sandstone cliffs, secluded beaches, and a proud little lighthouse.   

Here’s the recipe:
Whole fresh snapper (gutted and clean)
Foil (enough to wrap the fish)

Step 1: Get your brother, or your fishmonger, to clean and gut the fish (to my mind, that’s certainly not the most romantic part of fishing). Light the BBQ.   

Step 2: Chop the ginger and chilli finely, and coat both sides of the fish in it. Sprinkle dukkah over both sides.
Step 3: Slice the lemons and make a line on top of the fish.

Step 4: Wrap the fish in foil and pop it on the BBQ. You will need to cook the fish on both sides. The time on each side depends on the size of the fish and the heat of the BBQ. The best way to ascertain when each side is cooked is be opening foil packed and using a fork to break open the skin of the fish to expose the flesh. You will know it is cooked when it is soft and white. 

Enjoy! Got a favorite way to cook snapper? Please share it, I'd love to try it!



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